Transmission Fluid (ATF & CVTF/ Gear Oil)


World renowned for transmission development and manufacturing, AISIN Drivetrain Engineering has introduced the AISIN Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). By applying decades of knowledge, experience and development in cooperation with automotive manufacturers. AISIN has developed a state of the art ATF that will maximize performance and longevity of automotive transmissions. AISIN is the only transmission manufacturer to engineer its own ATF. Along with traditional transmission platforms, AISIN has also developed a CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission)  transmission fluid.

Product Featured

  • Excellent low-temperature flow and viscosity characteristics ensure smooth engaging even in severe winter weather conditions.
  • Optimally engineered fluid friction coefficient ensures swifter gear selection and reduces shift shock.
  • Optimally engineered fluid friction coefficient reduces drivetrain power loss through the transmission which enables better start and acceleration.

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