Fulfilling Social Responsibility as a Member of Society.

AISIN ASIA PTE. LTD. established AISIN ASIA Principles of Corporate Behavior, which specifically outline its fundamental management stance for fulfilling its social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.
With the goal of ensuring proper conduct in all corporate activities as a member of society, AISIN ASIA PTE. LTD. is strengthening its compliance by updating the education and training in legal affairs to ensure that employees adhere to laws and social rules and manners and establishing hotline for questions, concerns and suggestions from employees.

AISIN ASIA PTE. LTD. Principles of Corporate Behavior

We conduct ourselves in a socially responsible manner, and observe both the letter and spirit of all laws and regulations applying to our activities both domestically and overseas in accordance
with the following ten principles. We strive to exist not only as an economic entity designed to pursue profits through fair competition, but also as a social entity which must make a contribution
to society at large.

    1. We will gain the satisfaction and trust of consumers and users by developing and offering products and services beneficial to society with due attention to safety.
    2. We will compete in a fair and open manner. We will enter into transactions in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations and with good social conscience. We will also maintain clean and normal relationships with politicians and government officials.
    3. We will make available corporate information in a proactive and fair manner in our communication with our shareholders and society at large.
    4. Recognizing that how we deal with our environment is of critical importance to our existence and activities, we will proactively and positively address environmental issues.
    5. As a “good corporate citizen,” we will actively contribute to the civic activities of the local communities in which we operate.
    6. We will help our employees enjoy relaxation and achieve fulfillment, will provide a safe and productive work environment, and will respect each employee’s personality and talents as a unique individual.
    7. We take a firm stand against all antisocial extremist individuals and groups that threaten social order and safety.
    8. We will conduct our international business in a manner that is respectful of each country’s culture and customs and contributes to its development.
    9. Our senior management pledges to take the lead in furthering and propagating these Principles to all parties concerned. Senior management will also actively and regularly solicit input from people both inside and outside the company, set up a productive and efficient organizational structure and ensure that our personnel understands and upholds all applicable ethical standards.
    10. Should there occur any violation of these Principles, our senior management will take initiative in our efforts to identify and resolve the underlying issues and institute appropriate recurrence prevention measures. Also senior management will make prompt and accurate disclosures to the general public, and hold accountable and strictly punish those responsible for such violation (including itself).




アイシンアジアは、従業員が法律や社会ルール、マナーを守るための 法務教育・研修を拡充し、従業員からの質問、
懸念、提案等をうける相談窓口を設置することにより、 コンプライアンスの徹底を図っています。

アイシンアジア 企業行動憲章

      1. 社会的に有用な商品、サービスを、安全性に十分配慮して開発、提供し、消費者・ユーザーの満足と信頼を獲得します。


      2. 公正、透明、自由な競争を行います。法を守ることはもとより、社会的良識を踏まえて取引を行います。また、政治、




      3. 株主はもとより、広く社会とのコミュニケーションを行い、企業情報を積極的かつ公正に開示します。


      4. 環境への取り組みは企業の存在と活動に必須の要件であることを認識し、自主的、積極的に行動します。


      5. 「良き企業市民」として、積極的に地域社会活動等を支援します。


      6. 社員のゆとりと豊かさを実現し、安全で働きやすい環境を確保するとともに、社員の人格、個性を尊重します。


      7. 市民社会の秩序や安全に脅威を与える反社会的勢力および団体とは断固として対決します。


      8. 国際的な事業活動においては、その地の文化や慣習を尊重し、現地の発展に貢献する経営を行います。


      9. 経営トップは、本憲章の精神の実現が自らの役割であることを認識し、率先垂範の上、関係者に周知徹底します。




      10. 本憲章に反するような事態が発生したときには、経営トップ自らが問題解決にあたる姿勢を内外に表明し、原因究明、


      再発防止に努めます。また、社会への迅速かつ的確な情報の公開と説明責任を遂行し、権限と 責任を明確にした上、